About Us

About Us

Producers vs Show… let’s see what happens when a group of ragtag filmmakers come together to run a show revolving around a host interviewing celebrities about their upcoming projects (Antwand Pearman vs The Interview).

The cast are the actual creators and show runners of Antwand Pearman vs The Interview. We see them play fictionalized versions of themselves as they overcome comical and at times literal situations that push the envelope of comedy.

Production Team

Black Guy



Antwand Pearman, known in the gaming world as Black Bible, is the owner and CEO of GamerFitnation Inc.,




Ronnie Bhardwaj has 6 years of commercial film making experience. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in Film from the prestigious School of Visual Arts. He currently serves as cinematographer and producer at Channel One News.

Hat Guy

Paul Ward is a  Fine Artist turned filmmaker from New Jersey, based in New York. He also serves as Camera Operator  and DP

Funny Face Guy

Jeffrey Schimmer is a writer based in New York. He likes FIFA, the Knicks, and filmy-stuff.


Asian Guy

Jesus Sanchez is the token Latino of the group. He is the cameraman that supplies us with all the great interview footage you see here.


Editting Team



Gregory Laporte is the Editor-in-Chief. Gregory holds a BA in Sociology and is a current MBA student with a Human Resource minor working to take over the world. He has 5+ years experience reporting in the gaming industry and provides witty and ruthless critiques for our viewers.




HALF SISTERS is a ridiculous comedy about three women who discover they are sisters at their father’s funeral upon co-inheriting his event planning business. Now forced to work together and run a host of kooky parties with even crazier clients, these seemingly incompatible sisters must juggle baby showers gone wrong, drunk wedding officiants and even a rapping rabbi in order to keep their business afloat. You think your family is made up of a bunch of characters?  Just wait ’till you meet the Stones…


Christina Wren is an actor, writer and producer most known for her declaration that Superman is "kinda hot" in Man of Steel. After reprising her role as Major Carrie Farris in Batman v Superman, she solidified her type as "cute girl who can speak jargon" and has since played a seismologist in LA Inferno, an astrophysicist in Surface of Last Scattering and brought back her role as the computer hacker, JP in Season 2 of the award winning web series, LA Macabre. She co-owns the production company Two Kids with a Camera along with her husband, filmmaker Demetrius Wren. After making their documentary, Streetball, they went on to produce two narrative feature films, Saudade? and Moon and Sun, many shorts and commercials for international clients. They are currently in pre-production for their next feature film, The Rehabilitation of the Hill District by Gwendolyn Livingston, in partnership with Steeltown Entertainment Project in Pittsburgh. Christina is also finishing the scripts for season 1 of her show Hicksters. Hicks and Hijabs - what more could audiences want?



Catherine Farrah - co-creator of Half Sisters / Lola
Catherine Farrah is an actress and producer known for Hard Sell, Packed to the Rafters and her internet sensation viral video, Active Wear. She currently splits her time between her home in Australia and Los Angeles.



Sabrina Texidor - co-creator of Half Sisters / Samantha
Sabrina Texidor is an actress known for Makeup Call, Scorpion and Prey: The Light in the Dark. She has a background in musical theater and will one day work with David O'Russell. Mark those words.


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