AP Vs The Interview Kourtney Kellar

AP Vs The Interview Kourtney Kellar

Kourtney Kellar talks tampons with AP

In this episode of Antwand Pearman Vs The Interview, Antwand sits down with the gorgeous actress and model Kourtney Kellar. Kellar who is an astounding model drops by to talk about all of her new endeavors. Kourtney Kellar tells AP about her high school fanny pack days. Antwand even has a surprise to show Kellar throughout their conversation. It is one of the funniest interviews that you are going to see.

We at Producers Vs Show were delighted to have Kourtney Kellar on the show. Be sure to check out the video posted above for your viewing pleasure. Stay tuned for more Antwand Pearman vs The Interview! Be sure to leave your comments below. Feel free to ask questions below and if the future permits we will try to get them answered for you. To follow Kourtney Keller on Instagram click here.

Gregory Laporte

Gregory Laporte is the Editor-in-Chief. Gregory holds a BA in Sociology and is a current MBA student with a Human Resource minor working to take over the world. He has 5+ years experience reporting in the gaming industry and provides witty and ruthless critiques for our viewers.

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