AP vs The Interview: Deadpool’s Hugh Scott

AP vs The Interview: Deadpool’s Hugh Scott

Hugh Scott: Episode 3


In this episode of Antwand Pearman vs The Interview, Antwand speaks with Deadpool’s Hugh Scott about his role in the film. His Superpower? He’s the ultimate Beta Male. When Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) needs a shoulder to cry on, he calls Hugh Scott. When Justin Timberlake needs someone to shake up dice, he calls Hugh Scott. Seriously, what is his true superpower? He’s actually a vey talented Actor. Still, will Antwand get over the confusion of him not being Hugo Weaving? Watch Antwand Pearman vs The Interview and find out.

Created by: Producers Vs Show, in association with 4th Unit:
Directed by: Ronnie Bhardwaj
Written by: Antwand Pearman, Ronnie
Cinematography by: Ronnie Bhardwaj
Camera operations: Jesus Sanchez
Produced by: Ronnie Bhardwaj, Antwand Pearman, Jesus Sanchez,
Music Producerd By: Anthony Brent APSPDR+
Lead Edited by: Patrice Bowman
Production Assistance: Eevi Rytkölä
Marketing: Sergio Santos


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