Author: Antwand Pearman

Kevin Hart What Now

Kevin Hart What Now Premiere Interview

Kevin Hart What Now, is what’s now Producers vs Show and AP vs The Interview host, Antwand Pearman, got a chance to interview Kevin Hart at the premiere of his new movie Kevin Hart What Now?. Hart spoke about mumble artist Desiigner and his performance. He also spoke about Comedy Legends he’d love to work with


David Mazouz quotes Batman Part 1

David Mazouz quotes Batman David Mazouz quotes Batman on Antwand Pearman vs The Interview. David Mazouz from the Fox hit series Gotham came on AP vs the interview dressed as Batman and quotes lines from famous Batmen movies, shows, and comics. Check out David’s quote your favorite Batman. Full interview will be live on October


David Mazouz Batman: Give Me Your Shirt!

David Mazouz Batman A.K.A Bruce Wayne David Mazouz on Antwand Pearman vs The Interview. In this preview we get to see David Mazouz from the hit Fox series Gotham as Batman. David demands a Producers vs Show crew member to “Give Him his Shirt!” Will David Mazouz as Batman get the shirt or will he

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