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Female Bonding

Half Sisters – Episode 02: The Miller Wedding

Half Sisters: The Miller Wedding Half Sisters Sudden Death Episode 02 – When the wedding officiant is drunk, Lola, Samantha and Vanessa must ensure their father’s final planned event, The Miller Wedding, goes off without a hitch. _____________________________________________________ Written by and Starring: Christina Wren – Sabrina Texidor – Catherine Farrah – Directed by

Female Bonding

Half Sisters – Episode 01: Sudden Death

Half Sisters: Sudden Death Half Sisters Sudden Death Episode 01 – Lola, Samantha and Vanessa attend their father’s sudden funeral, all with big plans of how to use their inheritance. Little do they know, they will be forced to keep his event planning business alive before any chance of taking the money and run. _____________________________________________________


The Holiday Deals Microsoft Have Lined Up

Microsoft is ready for the holiday season It’s almost time, holiday season is right around the corner. But let’s face it, some places are probably already decked out and ready for Christmas. This means one thing, holiday sales. Among those ready to exploit people who waited last minute to get a nice gift is Microsoft.


Throwback Replay: ShaqFu

  In this throwback replay, Antwand Pearman speaks with NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal and finds out that his video game ShaqFu was getting a sequel. The title was launched as an indiegogo project and systems were announced. It looked like the game was going to be one of his better titles since the launch of the


Throwback Replay: Miesha Tate

In this Throwback Replay, Antwand Pearman speaks with the UFC’s very own Miesha Tate about UFC 2014. At the time of the video, Tate was promoting UFC 2014 from EA a day prior to its release. Miesha Tate is still the bombshell that you would expect her to be and she still has the skills to


Throwback Replay: Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving Throwback Replay Kyrie Irving had the pleasure of sitting down with Producers Vs Show host Antwand Pearman. The 2013 Rookie of the Year and current NBA Champion point guard. He’s now playing in the biggest games of his career. Is NBA champion Kyrie Irving here to speak his mind? The answer is Yes!

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