Escape: ‘Timeless’ and ‘Blacklist’

Escape: ‘Timeless’ and ‘Blacklist’

By: Jeffrey Schimmer

Enter Escape Entertainment


Blacklist and Timeless. Two of the more fanciful shows on network television. Which lends them to some fun opportunities beyond the screen. Enter Escape Entertainment. If you’re unfamiliar with Escape, it’s like a haunted house for adults. At least that’s how Antwand puts it. I’m not messing with any haunted houses myself this year, so I call it the haunted house for the thinking man.

Just east of Madison Square Park, on 25th and Madison Ave, resides the Sony Square NYC. When you walk in, you are presented with two new installations by Escape Entertainment. Teaming up with Sony and NBC, they have built a life-size replica of Red’s holding cell from NBC’s Blacklist. To its right is a replica of the “Lifeboat” from NBC’s new series Timeless. They may be cleverly masked as promotional material, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have entertainment value. So, are they worth it?

Well, both feature three puzzles with a 10 minute shot clock. Each of the games follow a logical pattern, which are demanding but not frustrating. I managed to complete both games with just a tiny bit of help from the staff that I totally didn’t need. Totally…

Antwand Pearman (left) with "Timeless" star Malcolm Barrett
Antwand Pearman (left) with “Timeless” star Malcolm Barrett (right)

Regardless, both are fun and coyly (or not so coyly) feature other Sony products, like their new Portable Projectors, which I have to admit are pretty nifty. All in all, it’s a good experience if you find yourself in the neighborhood, or have a cousin visiting who doesn’t like museums.

The installations will be up through December 2nd, with advanced signups available on You can also try PSVR and look at Sony’s other gear at Sony Square NYC.


Ray Gnagey is currently a senior at Rutgers-Newark, majoring in Journalism and Media Studies with a minor in Video Production. Class of 2017.

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