Nintendo Switch Preview Trailer, Coming March 2017

Nintendo Switch Preview Trailer, Coming March 2017

NX is now know as the Nintendo Switch and it just changed gaming maybe forever

Nintendo has been working on a new console for a new generation. What exactly that console is has been shrouded in mystery. However, Nintendo has just released a preview trailer for the Nintendo Switch, which is essentially a console/tablet for home and on the go gaming. No more telling friends and family that you can’t come over. Or turning down party invites because you don’t want to turn off your game. You can now take your console on the go and play multiplayer with friends if you like. It’s a fresh breath of innovation to a market that has seen the introduction of mobile games taking a part of its market share.

I think Nintendo might be onto something revolutionary here. It’s a device that as consumers and gamers alike, we should all be on the lookout for. There are a couple of concerns that I have with the device at first glance. Two main issues I need answered right away are its price and battery power. I don’t see this tablet and controller costing less then $350. Many of us have smartphones and tablets and can relate to the amount of battery power spent playing mini games and using apps. We’ll have to see how the Nintendo Switch pans out, but it is promising to say the least.

Nintendo Switch will be available in March 2017. No price has been given at this time. Make sure to watch the video above for the preview trailer. Who’s excited for the Nintendo Switch post your thoughts below!

Gregory Laporte

Gregory Laporte is the Editor-in-Chief. Gregory holds a BA in Sociology and is a current MBA student with a Human Resource minor working to take over the world. He has 5+ years experience reporting in the gaming industry and provides witty and ruthless critiques for our viewers.

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