‘NueroVoider’ Review

‘NueroVoider’ Review


The beauty is in the simplicity with this one. With a bare bones story and retro graphics, it feels like a souped up arcade game. With the added customization and aggressively synthy soundtrack, it’s a great time killer.

There is really only one character with dialogue, who takes you through the tutorial and pops up later in the game. Other than that, you’re thrown into the throws of this post-apocalyptic scenario. As a human brain, you fight on levels, shooting and slicing up robots, picking up their dropped loot and constantly improving you robotic body. It’s a boiled down version dungeon crawler.

The gameplay is simple yet smooth. You can customize your weapons, class and body parts to create a beast of a cyborg (which is essentially what you are). This level of choice is felt throughout the game, adding some depth to the gameplay. This depth counters nicely to the redundancy of gameplay. Other than a boss every 5 levels, there isn’t a ton of variation. A randomly-seeded level may have ice, affecting your mobility, while another will be ‘pitch black’ give you limited sight.

All in all, the game relies on the mechanics. I didn’t encounter any bugs, which may it a fun experience each time. The controls are simple and easy to pick up, but take a little time to master the nuances. At first when I tried using melee weapons, I would die rather quickly, but right now blades are my weapon of choice. 😉

Produced by Flying Oak Games, NueroVoider can be purchased for XBox, PS4, or on Steam.

Jeffrey Schimmer

Jeffrey Schimmer is a writer for both Producers Vs Show and Antwand Vs The Interview. In addition to working with PVS, Jeffrey also help produce podcasts for Face Off Unlimited. A native of New York, Jeffrey graduated from Hunter College with a degree in Film & Media. A foodie, Jeffrey's number one goal when traveling is finding the best cuisine.

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