Pepcom Digital Focus Takeaways

Pepcom Digital Focus Takeaways

The future always seems a little brighter at a Pepcom event. This year’s Spring Digital Focus is no exception. Here are some of my takeaways from this years French themed event:

The “For The Kids” Category


There seems to be a niche market for brainy kids. From Little Passports to Kiwi Crate, there is always room for early STEM development. And then there is the Internet. It’s so tempting to put on a few unwrapping videos for the youngins and call it a night. It is quite the competition.

Well, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em (and in this case ’em is society, so good luck there). So Makeblock integrates tablets with building blocks. It seems pretty cool, where you cpiece together different nodes to create a plthora of different inventions which you connect to a smartphone or tablet.

You can check out their KickStarter here and their website here.

The “Make This Even MORE Convenient” Category


Smartphones. They’re f****** convenient. But that isn’t good enough for us, is it? My phone is a little outdated and I get red in the face when it freezes for a few minutes because there’s no more memory. There was a time before smartphones, but there was also a time before the spoon. Those were barbaric times. Also, did you know that even the middle and proximal phalanx (that’s the middle and bottom sections of you finger, according to Google) are as unique as your fingerprint?

Well apparently the makers of Tapdo do. You can make about two dozen assignments based on you fingerprint, so now you don’t even need to take out your phone out to play your music, increase the volume or even turn on your (smart) lights.

You can check out their KickStarter here and their website here.


The “Scary S***” Category



Radioactivity. We don’t like it in our home anymore than cockroaches. Unfortunately, radon is everywhere, including your home. How do we know this? Well, science, but that’s beside the point. The thing is, it’s actually really easy to prevent harmful levels. It just helps to know it’s there. That is where AirThings comes in. Although it can tell you other things, like temperature and humidity, the Wave’s primary purpose is to detect radon. Pretty nifty.

Their website is here.

The “Poor Man/Rich Man” Category


A major upgrade to any clunker, the Verizon Hum gives a driver access to a whole slew of information of their car. From diagnostics similar to what a mechanic has access to, to being able to track your car and it’s speed. Maybe not a teens best friend, but can certainly help those who tend to actually own the car. It does cost about $15 to keep the service every month, but such is the cost  for a service like this.

Their website is here.

The “So Close” Category


This one is so close. So close. It is amazing within range and would really help a dunce like me find things in my morning ritual of running around the apartment looking for something. It’s a trait I get from my mom, for sure. There are two issues. One is that it can’t handle long distances. It’s Bluetooth enabled, not GPS, so you can’t backtrack a whole days worth of a lost item. To be fair, that’s probably a rare scenario, and the tracking distance, up to 150 feet, should be enough. The other is that you need to connect one to you tracking device (i.e. your phone). If you venerate the aesthetic of your phone (and its case), you may not want a Pixie attached to it all the time. But if you take it off you undermine the purpose of it. I think someone like my mom would find this invaluable, while I hesitate for very shallow reasons.

Their website is here.

Random Notes

  • Imec had this neat, flexible RFID technology that has a lot of potential
  • LeEco has some beautiful looking stuff. A super-thin TV, smartphones and headphones among others, but I didn’t really test the limits.
  • Rachio has an adaptive watering system for those who think they have a green thumb but perhaps need a little help. Definitely a suburban gadget.

Jeffrey Schimmer

Jeffrey Schimmer is a writer for both Producers Vs Show and Antwand Vs The Interview. In addition to working with PVS, Jeffrey also help produce podcasts for Face Off Unlimited. A native of New York, Jeffrey graduated from Hunter College with a degree in Film & Media. A foodie, Jeffrey's number one goal when traveling is finding the best cuisine.

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