The Holiday Deals Microsoft Have Lined Up

The Holiday Deals Microsoft Have Lined Up

Microsoft is ready for the holiday season


It’s almost time, holiday season is right around the corner. But let’s face it, some places are probably already decked out and ready for Christmas. This means one thing, holiday sales. Among those ready to exploit people who waited last minute to get a nice gift is Microsoft. Not only will they have several Xbox bundles tn offer, but plenty of their tech is already available in stores.

Among the highly anticipated tech devices is the HP Spectre 13. It has already been called “the sexiest laptop alive” by Forbes. The Verge has also labelled it “HP’s attempt to out-design Apple,” and it’s receiving about 4/5 stars on the likes of Amazon and Best Buy. The device is described as a “superb viewing experience for editing photos, perfecting a presentation or watching a movie.” A good gift for someone who’s a movie buff, perhaps? Pricing currently starts at $1169.

Another highly anticipated device is the Lenovo Yoga 900s. It’s thin, and barely weighs a thing at 2.2 pounds. It’s currently priced at $1,099.

Microsoft will also have several accessories available, such as covers for the Surface Pros, or Surface pens. Windows 10 is also available for $119.

Now comes the exciting part for the gamers out there. This holiday season will see Microsoft offer ten different Xbox One S bundles. Two will be limited edition. The limited edition bundles are the Gears of War 2TB bundle and the Battlefield 1 1TB bundle. Both these consoles come with unique designs. There will also be two special edition bundles, a Battlefield 1 500GB bundle and a Gears of War 4 1TB bundle. The other bundles are Halo 5 (500 GB, 1TB) Madden 17 (1TB), Fifa 17 (500GB, 1TB), Battlefield 1 (500GB), and Minecraft (500GB).

Availability for these bundles will vary, though the majority of them will be available from the middle of October onward.


Ray Gnagey is currently a senior at Rutgers-Newark, majoring in Journalism and Media Studies with a minor in Video Production. Class of 2017.

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