Xbots lose their minds over Titanfall 2 PS4 disk | Fanboy Tears

Xbots lose their minds over Titanfall 2 PS4 disk | Fanboy Tears

Weekends are the time where we get to relax after a long work week. However, I’ve noticed that the weekends are also when Xbox fanboys tend to get riled up the most. I have no idea why this is the case. Is it because they’ve had to hold back their frustrations during the week and let it all out on the weekend? I’m not sure, but despite seeing some really dumb fanboy shit during the weekends, this past weekend’s meltdown involving Xbox fanboys had to be one of the worst yet. Or best yet, depending on how entertaining you find these clowns to be.

Last Friday, a Respawn developer tweeted out a picture of a Titanfall 2 game disk. The game is about to go gold, so he wanted to show a finished disk to fans. However, little did he know that his picture would send shockwaves throughout the hardcore Xbox fanboy community. Waves so powerful they continue to be felt a week later. In this case, a picture was the cause of a thousand words.

To anyone who is sane, this is nothing more than a harmless picture. It’s a picture of a Titanfall 2 PS4 disk. No big deal, right? Not if you’re an Xbox fanboy. These guys slammed Drew McCoy and Respawn’s timeline with some of the most ignorant bullshit you could imagine. Some of this nonsense has to be seen to be believed. Thankfully for you, I’ve brought photographic evidence (in the form of embedded tweets!).

Some of these dudes are cancelling their pre-orders because, in their tiny pea-brained minds, Respawn betrayed the Titanfall community by sharing a picture of a Titanfall 2 PS4 game disk. Forget the fact that Titanfall has fans who played the game on PC, in the minds of these idiots, it was the Xbox fans who put Respawn and Titanfall on the map. They justify their outrage by saying Respawn neglected to honor the exclusivity deal Microsoft has for the game. In reality, the rage and anger comes from the fact that Titanfall 2 is now on PS4. That is the underlying issue for these fanboys, whether they want to admit it or not. The level of privilege here is unreal.


Things got even worse when Drew McCoy responded to someone who asked him why he didn’t post a picture of an Xbox disk. His answer? “Green disks aren’t as sexy looking.” This sent fans who were already frothing at the mouth into a Hulk-like rage. If these dudes weren’t already out for blood they were now.

What’s funny about this is that these buffoons thought McCoy was slandering the Xbox which is known for the green colors used for its marketing. Let’s ignore the fact that it is literally impossible to slander a piece of technology and focus on what McCoy’s statement was all about.

Unlike PS4 pre-release disks, Xbox disks have nothing on the face. They are blank with some notes — definitely “not sexy,” hence why a PS4 disk was used instead. Did this revelation make the situation any better? Somewhat, but the damage had already been done and a fanatical, almost cult-like community that (wrongly) believes there is a strong media bias against their messianic console just had this crazy belief reinforced. To Xbox fanboys, this is just another example of how much the media hates Microsoft and Xbox (even though the folks who got them upset were developers, not media).

I want to end this off by saying that there is a very clear and distinct difference between an Xbox fan an Xbox fanboys. The morons who lost their collective shit over a picture of a Titanfall 2 PS4 game disk? Fanboys. The people who enjoy playing on Xbox and support the company but are respectful and open minded about Sony and Nintendo? Those are fans. There is nothing wrong with regular Xbox fans.

Unfortunately, it is the hardcore Xbox fanboys who are the ones getting all of the attention thanks to their irrational, man-child-esque cries on social media. In addition to the several noted Xbox-centric podcasts on YouTube which (frighteningly) have tens of thousands of subscribers who believe in the rhetoric being spewed by the tinfoil hat wearing personalities. These people are the loudest in the Xbox community and they sully the name of a great and strong brand.

Titanfall 2 drops on PC, Xbox One… and PlayStation 4 on October 28.


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