AP vs The Interview: DJ Hed

AP vs The Interview: DJ Hed

DJ Hed: Episode 6


On this episode of Antwand Pearman vs. The Interview, LA’s own DJ HED is in the house. He’s here to talk about his music, his video games, lost loves and most importantly his head. This is a man who truly deserves our utmost RESPECK.

Will Antwand be able to concentrate on the interview without looking at DJ Hed’s head and think about Milks Duds? Find out on this episode of Antwand Pearman vs. The Interview brought to you by… DJ Hed’s Milk Duds and Birdman’s Respeck Hot Sauce made with 1000% more Sodium. Be sure to subscribe.

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Created by: Producers Vs Show LLC
Executive Producers Antwand Pearman & Ronnie Bhardwaj
Directed by: Ronnie Bhardwaj
Written by: Antwand Pearman, Jeff Schimmer
Cinematography by: Ronnie Bhardwaj
Camera Operator 1: Jesus Sanchez,
Camera Operator 2: Paul Ward
Camera Operator 3: Jason Lemaste
Photography: Sergio Santos
Music Produced By: Anthony Brent APSPDR+
Lead Edited by: Patrice Bowman
Marketing: Tara Dennehy, Sergio Santos
Label Design: Aaron Becker & Antwand Pearman
Label Printing by: NYFA’s Arturo Mesa and Sean Brown

Sources Used:
DJ HED HipHop Reel
Pokemon Trilogy
Indiana Jones: Greatest Adventures [FreezingInferno’s Let’s Play] Ceramics – Emigre
Be a Fun Mum – Paint
Cursing Mouth – WikiHow
Godzilla – i09 Gizmodo
Julio G Music
50 Cent Interview – Philly’s Hot 107.9 with Q Deezy
DJ Khaled Cocoa – HerCampus
serrato – DJ Jazzy Jeff, Peter Piper Routine
Songbird – Kenny G



I love to browse the internet to watch videos of cats. As one of Beyond Limits Interactive team, I worked for TCL, ESM, LDS, TDS, PVS creating graphic designs. When I am doing anything productive, you can find me playing computer games, eating delicious food and trying to imitate cats taking a nap.

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