AP vs The Interview Christina Wren

AP vs The Interview Christina Wren

Christina Wren: Episode 1


In this episode of Antwand Pearman vs The Interview,  Actress Christina Wren, AKA not Wonder Woman, sits down with Antwand Pearman to talk Batman v Superman. Directed by that guy who made that movie about the alien who landed on a farm and destroyed an entire city, you know… Man Of Steel (also known as the “Purge in Tights”). Can Antwand Pearman overcome the challenge of this interview?

Created by: Producers Vs Show, in association with 4th Unit:
Directed by: Ronnie Bhardwaj and Jeffrey Schimmer
Written by: Jeffrey Schimmer, Michael Cortina, David Ward
Cinematography by: Ronnie Bhardwaj
Camera Operations: Jesus Sanchez
Produced by: Ronnie Bhardwaj, Antwand Pearman, Jesus Sanchez, Jonn Nubian
Edited by: Eric Silva
Production Assistance: Eevi Rytkölä
Marketing: Sergio Santos
Social Media: Daniel Horowitz


I love to browse the internet to watch videos of cats. As one of Beyond Limits Interactive team, I worked for TCL, ESM, LDS, TDS, PVS creating graphic designs. When I am doing anything productive, you can find me playing computer games, eating delicious food and trying to imitate cats taking a nap.

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